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    EmailDatas vs ZoomInfo: Which Email List Provider Reigns Supreme?

    The page is a comparison review between two email list providers, EmailDatas and ZoomInfo, aimed to help readers make an informed decision on which one to choose

    ZoomInfo Pricing

    Compared to other data platform alternatives, ZoomInfo can be expensive. You have to spend $4,900 USD to maintain 5,000 contacts in a year, which comes out to roughly a dollar per contact.

    ZoomInfo Reviews

    ZoomInfo offers a filter feature that allows you to search for targeted customers or markets, pulling up top contacts as results. This can help you narrow down your search and find your main point of contact.

    You can search for a specific contact using their phone number, email, zip code, or job title. Afterward, you can navigate the system to find their background and personal details.

    However, navigating this database can be a lengthy process. You may need to pull data multiple times to get the desired information, which can be costly in the long run, especially when downloading data into Excel.

    If you're looking for an alternative to ZoomInfo, consider With EmailDatas, you can buy high-quality data and email lists at a more affordable price.

    Why EmailDatas is better than ZoomInfo?

    There are several reasons why EmailDatas is a better option than ZoomInfo:

      More accurate e-mail lists

      EmailDatas only provides authentic contact details from real people and ensures that the database is always updated for accurate search results.

      Free sample e-mail list:

      EmailDatas offers samples to its valued customers before purchasing, allowing them to test the quality of service before committing to a purchase.

      Direct contact of a person:

      EmailDatas provides the direct contact of a person, saving time by avoiding generic contacts.

      CRM ready lists:

      EmailDatas provides lists that are CRM ready, and the files can be downloaded in excel format instantly, saving time, effort, and money compared to manual database search.


      EmailDatas is a cost-effective option as ZoomInfo leads are 20 times more expensive. By spending less, EmailDatas offers higher return on investment.

      Executive contacts on a different website:

      EmailDatas lists executive contacts on a different website for better search and offers affordable 500+ job titles for sales on its database.

      Premium contacts:

      EmailDatas offers premium contacts of people that include the company name, contact details, direct mail, job title, and more.

      No usage limits:

      EmailDatas does not limit usage, unlike ZoomInfo. Clients enjoy the ownership of the data with no hidden charges, annual fees, or data usage limits in

      Secured payment options:

      EmailDatas offers secured financial services like Paypal and Bitcoin to protect payments.

      High delivery rate:

      EmailDatas has a 90% delivery rate, ensuring that the data and lists are always updated before delivery.

    EmailDatas is a great alternative to ZoomInfo. Not only does it save you money, but it also saves you time when expanding your connections. Visit to sign up and start growing your career or business.