Job TitleNumber of ContactsEmail Database PriceComplete PriceJob Title Type
Account Directors30000199$329$Director Level & Finance
Account Managers200000449$899$Manager Level & Finance
Account Receivable1100099$199$Finance
Accounts Payable28000150$300$Finance
Administration Chief400090$180$C-Level
Administration Directors - Director of Administration 15000125$250$Director Level
Administration Managers15000125$250$Manager Level
Vice President Of Administration 700085$170$Vice President
Art Directors15000125$250$Director Level
Attorney General20000125$250$Vice President
Audit Managers700085$170$Manager Level & Finance
Board Member, Board of Director, Member of the board27000145$290$Director Level
Branch Director100035$70$Director Level
Branch Managers40000185$370$Manager Level
Branch VP480075$150$Vice President
Business Analysts68000250$500$Others
Business Development Directors32000170$340$Director Level
Business Development Managers45000190$380$Manager Level
Business Director60000235$470$Director Level
Business Managers110000365$730$Manager Level
Business VP - Vice President of Business 35000175$350$Vice President
CEO - Chief Executive Officer170000500$1000$C-Level
CFO - Chief Financial Officer73000275$550$C-Level & Finance
Chief Business Officer200050$100$C-Level
Chief of Accounting130038$76$C-Level & Finance
Chief of Communications100035$70$C-Level
Chief of Compliance500075$150$C-Level
Chief of Engineering12500110$220$C-Level
Chief of HR - Chief Human Resources 250050$100$C-Level
Chief of IT - Chief Information Officer270065$130$C-Level & IT
Chief of Maintenance40020$40$C-Level
Chief of Manufacturing, Chief of Production130038$76$C-Level
Chief of Purchasing37015$30$C-Level
Chief of Quality50020$40$C-Level
Chief of Risk150040$80$C-Level
Chief of Sales170045$90$C-Level
Chief of Sales Marketing50020$40$C-Level
Chief of Security400090$180$C-Level
Chief of Software80020$40$C-Level & IT
Chief of Training60020$40$C-Level
CIO - Chief Information Officer 25000145$290$C-Level
CMO - Chief Marketing Officer800090$180$C-Level
Communication Directors - Director of Communications38000185$370$Director Level
Communication Managers34000173$346$Manager Level
Compliance Directors - Director of Compliance10000100$200$Director Level
Compliance Managers14500120$240$Manager Level
Controlling Directors600080$160$Director Level
Controlling Managers14500120$240$Manager Level
Controlling VP - Vice President Of Controlling550078$156$Vice President
COO - Chief Operating Officer46000200$400$C-Level
CPA - Certified Public Accountant18000130$260$Finance
Creative Directors18000130$260$Director Level
CTO - Chief Technology Officer22000135$270$C-Level & IT
Customer Service Directors400090$180$Director Level
Customer Service Managers26000145$290$Manager Level
Design Directors - Director of Design950095$190$Director Level
Design Managers12000110$220$Manager Level
Director of Audit400090$180$Director Level & Finance
Director of Engineering - Engineering Directors27000145$290$Director Level
Director of Facilities - Facilities Directors12000110$220$Director Level
Director of IT -Director of Information Technology 53000210$420$Director Level & IT
Director of Manufacturing,Director of Production35000175$350$Director Level
Director of Marketing - Marketing Directors120000390$780$Director Level
Director of Media - Media Directors11500105$210$Director Level
Director of Quality14000120$240$Director Level
Director of R&D20015$30$Director Level
Director of Risk700085$170$Director Level
Director of Safety11500105$210$Director Level
Director of Sales Marketing -Sales Marketing Directors15000125$250$Director Level
Director of Security10000100$200$Director Level
Director of Software - Software Directors600080$160$Director Level
Director of Technical16500125$250$Director Level
Director of Training - Training Directors10000100$200$Director Level
District Managers21000125$250$Manager Level
Engineering Managers60000235$470$Manager Level
Executive Directors87000295$590$Director Level
Facilities Managers23000135$270$Manager Level
Finance Director - Director of Financing36000180$360$Director Level
Finance Managers40000185$370$Manager Level
Finance VP25000145$290$Vice President
General Managers121000395$790$C-Level & Director Level & Manager Level
Graphic Designers16000100$200$IT
HR - Human Resources280000745$1490$Other
HR Directors - Director of Human Resources63000240$480$Director Level
HR Executives - Human Resources Executives20000125$250$Other
HR Managers - Human Resources Manager 100000345$690$Manager Level
Insurance Agents53000210$420$Other
Insurance Brokers130038$76$Other
IS / Information System56000220$440$IT
IT / Information Technology320000815$1630$IT
IT Coordinators - Information Technology Coordinators350080$160$IT
IT Executives - Information Technology Executives500075$150$IT
IT Managers - Information Technology Manager 110000365$730$Manager Level & IT
Maintenance Directors - Director of Maintenance650080$160$Director Level
Maintenance Managers12500110$220$Manager Level
Managing Directors68000225$450$C-Level
Manufacturing Manager ,Production Manager110000365$730$Manager Level
Marketing Coordinator18000115$230$Other
Marketing Executive17500125$250$Other
Marketing Manager168000475$950$Manager Level
Media Managers10000100$200$Manager Level
Medical Doctors60000235$470$Medical
MIS Directors200050$100$Director Level
Mortgage Brokers650075$150$Finance
Network Manager13000115$230$Manager Level
Nurse Practitioners19000115$230$Medical
Office Managers95000330$660$Manager Level
Operation Director - Director of Operations88000305$610$Director Level
Operation Manager124000400$800$Manager Level
Pastors, Religious Leaders19000125$250$Other
Payroll Directors120035$70$Director Level & Finance
Payroll Managers720085$170$Manager Level & Finance
Physician Assistants700075$150$Medical
Plant Managers203000580$1160$Manager Level
Product Managers100000345$690$Manager Level
Project Contractors20015$30$Other
Project Coordinators15000100$200$Other
Project Directors17000125$250$Director Level
Project Managers210000590$1180$Manager Level
Public Relation26000135$270$Other
Public Relation Directors700085$170$Director Level
Public Relation Managers810090$180$Manager Level
Purchasing Directors - Director of Purchasing950095$190$Director Level
Purchasing Managers23000135$270$Manager Level & Finance
QC ,QA50000205$410$Other
QC,QA Directors600080$160$Director Level
QC,QA Managers23000135$270$Manager Level
Quality Managers35000175$350$Manager Level
R&D Director20015$30$Director Level
R&D Managers35015$30$Manager Level
Real Estate Agent,Realtor177000515$1030$Other
Registered Nurse47000190$380$Medical
Risk Managers11500105$210$Manager Level
Safety Managers15000125$250$Manager Level
Sales Directors - Director of Sales90000315$630$Director Level
Sales Executive57000220$440$Other
Sales Managers265000715$1430$Manager Level
Sales Marketing Managers12500110$220$Manager Level
Security Managers13000115$230$Manager Level
Senior Managers220000615$1230$Manager Level
Service Managers130000413$826$Manager Level
Software Architect5500100$2000$IT
Software Developers40000185$370$IT
Software Engineers100000345$690$IT
Software Managers15000125$250$Manager Level & IT
Technical Managers37000180$360$Manager Level
Training Managers20000125$250$Manager Level
Vice President8000001745$3490$Vice President
VP of Accounting - Vice President Of Accounting10000100$200$Vice President & Finance
VP of Audit - Vice President Of Audit200050$100$Vice President & Finance
VP of Business Development - Vice President Of Business Development18000130$260$Vice President
VP of Communications - Vice President Of Communications10000100$200$Vice President
VP of Compliance - Vice President Of Compliance700083$166$Vice President
VP of Design - Vice President Of Design300065$130$Vice President
VP of Engineering - Vice President Of Engineering14500120$240$Vice President
VP of Facilities - Vice President Of Facilities200050$100$Vice President
VP of Financing - Vice President Of Financing35000175$350$Vice President & Finance
VP of HR - Vice President Of HR24000140$280$Vice President
VP of IS - Vice President Of IS200050$100$Vice President & IT
VP of IT - Vice President Of IT12000125$250$Vice President & IT
VP of Maintenance - Vice President Of Maintenance55020$40$Vice President
VP of Manufacturing,VP of Production - Vice President Of Manufacturing,VP of Production20000125$250$Vice President
VP of Marketing - Vice President Of Marketing65000245$490$Vice President
VP of Media - Vice President Of Media260065$130$Vice President
VP of Operations - Vice President Of Operations63000240$480$Vice President
VP of Purchasing - Vice President Of Purchasing200050$100$Vice President & FInance
VP of Quality - Vice President Of Quality400090$180$Vice President
VP of R&D - Vice President Of R&D30015$30$Vice President
VP of Risk - Vice President Of Risk730085$170$Vice President
VP of Safety - Vice President Of Safety150040$80$Vice President
VP of Sales - Vice President Of Sales70000260$520$Vice President
VP of Sales Marketing - Vice President Of Sales Marketing13500115$230$Vice President
VP of Security - Vice President Of Security400090$180$Vice President
VP of Software - Vice President Of Software200050$100$Vice President & IT
VP of Technical - Vice President Of Technical300065$130$Vice President
VP of Training - Vice President Of Training200050$100$Vice President

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When you make a mailing list purchase, it is expected that you’ll need up to 90% delivery rate. Anything less would mean that there will be too many bad email addresses in the mass mailing list mixed in with the good that will result in emails diverted to the spam box. It’s either that or the mail servers just block your email blasts.

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We have consolidated every bit of information in our email marketing database. We know how it feels to waste time and resources chasing after inaccurate sales leads. You may be looking for influencers and key industry people in the wrong state.

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When you buy B2B email lists for sale we make sure that you get every bit of key information to create valuable connections with potential leads. You’re not just getting another email list. The data you purchase will also include employee information, revenue, their business fax numbers, industry information, company information, business titles, phone numbers, and even their postal address.

Premium Full Contacts and All fields

Our list of email addresses of businesses on American soil is truly massive. It includes a mailing list plus a business contact list. However, we also understand that some customers would just like to go local. That is why we also offer customers a list of company email addresses by state, industry, job title, and local area.

Build Your Email List

you can create your own direct mail mailing list by contacting us as your requirements on Job title ,Job Level ,locations,Zip Codes,Department,SIC/NAICS codes Industry,Revenue and Number of employees.

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As a customer in Email Datas we provide you with unlimited usage rights. Once you purchase a sale email list it is completely yours. And that is important in business email marketing. You should never get any restrictions when it comes to your b2b databases. You should never have to paySearch Engine Optimization extra to get access to information or related data that you already ordered in your previous purchase.

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Direct Contacts Only

Our lists can be downloaded as .csv/excel files, ready to be integrated into your CRM so that you can start networking ASAP.