Terms and conditions

Copyright and Usage

The Nominated 3rd Party and the Licensee should keep in mind that the entire intellectual property rights, including the without limitation copyright remain under the Email Datas. We do not support spam. So when you purchase our database, the process should comply with the CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003.
We also authorize the nominated 3rd party and the licensee to use EmailDatas.com information for research, academic use and direct marketing. However, it should be noted that we do not allow the copying, transferring or reproduction of the data to be used by a non-nominated third party. Here, the third party implies any company, business, without limitation or entity that has an affiliation or an association with the Nominated third Party or the Licensee. The aforementioned third party may, however, use the data if an agreement has been made with a EmailDatas.com in writing.

Quality of Data

We can give a rough estimate that at least 80 to 95% of the total emails are valid. This is nonetheless a reasonably profitable number for an investment of less amount. We cannot offer you any sales guarantee if you intend to use the database for the purpose of marketing your products and services. We can only provide you with email leads. The rate of conversion you make will be entirely dependent on how you handle your marketing process. It should also be noted that businesses keep changing all the time. That is why we cannot exactly guarantee that all the emails included in the database are valid at any given point of time. However, we do update the database on a frequent basis, to minimize such inconveniences faced by the clients and improve the quality of the leads.


Once You Ordered from us and After Payment is approved. We will send you entire product download link via Email in Excel/CSV format. Once you downloaded the product You will have 100% access to entire product. Therefore, we will not be able to make any refund to the clients once the database has been fully downloaded.


When you buy the Email Databases from us, you need to make an agreement that whatever data you use from the website will be entirely your responsibility. While making use of the information contained in our database, you are required to make an indemnification so that EmailDatas.com is held harmless in all ways. You should assert to the fact that EmailDatas.com will not be accountable if you happen to land up in some legal trouble through the use of our data.

Vital Note

We clean up our database per a month frequently. Generally, our lists have more than 80-95% inbox deliver rate. This can help in improving the efficiency of your email campaign. We will not be responsible in case you get any bounce rates the give emails.Because Bounce Rate is depending on Email Marketing Server Which you are using to send emails .It is best if you allow an expert email marketer to handle the campaign.

Database Delivery

Our team delivers the required database strictly through emails. Only then will you be able to make a purchase. When the payment has been approved by our billing department, you will immediately receive an email with a download link to the database. We give you a 100% guarantee that you will receive the database in maximum of 12 hours after making the payment.