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    Find the Perfect B2B Email List Provider for Your Business

    Choosing between Listgiant and EmailDatas? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each service and make an informed decision for your business's success.

    List Giant Review

    The Listgiant system utilizes a self-service portal for instant list downloads, and they offer excellent customer service and phone support.

    However, Listgiant has a history of delivering incomplete or unusable lists, including outdated company names and unpaid-for lists containing wrong numbers or incorrect addresses under the wrong name.

    An Alternative for List Giant Review

    If you are looking for a more accurate source of data, you may want to consider instead. EmailDatas’ leads are more specific than Listgiant's, which can help you save money. What other perks does EmailDatas offer?

    • It is more affordable. EmailDatas offers a cheaper price without compromising quality, compared to other competitors.

    • They do not limit their client’s usage. They do not impose hidden charges or buying a minimal number of records for starters.

    • EmailDatas is more accurate. Database update happens every day to ensure the accuracy of the product.

    • They offer direct contacts of the correct person. This saves time since you can start your networking process in an instant.

    • You can build your email lists. Also, they guarantee a 90% delivery rate and delivers on time if there is no mishap.

    Not only does EmailDatas provide the accurate service you need, but it also ensures that your money is put to good use, allowing for productive business dealings, connections, and expansions.