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    Which one should you choose: EmailDatas or Lead411?

    Confused between EmailDatas and Lead411? Read our comprehensive review and comparison to determine which B2B email list provider is the best fit for your business needs.

    Lead411 Pricing

    Upon registration, Lead411 offers a free trial for starters, and their pricing depends on the plan you choose. Most plans have monthly fees that need to be paid to continue using their service.

    • Free Trial. The free usage lasts for seven days.

    • Basic Plan. It is available for 75 USD a month, for 100 exports with unlimited emails.

    • Pro Plan. It is available for 125 USD a month. It includes all the features of the basic plan, but with direct calls and IT intelligence.

    • Team Plan. It is available for 349 USD a month. It also includes the features of the basic plan, but with extras. Such as customized calls, phone support, and tracking.

    • Enterprise Plan. This plan’s pricing is by quote. The Enterprise Plan has all the features of the Team Plan. With more unlimited exports, download option, and customized lists.

    Why EmailDatas is a better alternative for Lead411?

    • Lead411 leads are 20 times more expensive than EmailDatas.
    • EmailDatas leads are more accurate than Lead411.

    • We provide real contact details from real people, including direct emails, phone numbers, and addresses of people and companies.

    • We do not limit our client’s use, which helps you save money and encourages a higher return on your investment.

    • EmailDatas offers accurate and quality service using a human workforce to track and conduct our services.

    • We provide correct and on-time delivery because we value our client’s effort and time.

    If you're looking to expand and promote your business, EmailDatas is an excellent option. With its affordable pricing and high-quality service, you can save resources while still gaining access to accurate and up-to-date contact information.

    Plus, our commitment to using human workers ensures that you receive correct and timely delivery of your lists, making EmailDatas a reliable choice for your business needs.