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    EmailDatas vs InsideView: Which Email List Provider is Better?

    Trying to choose between EmailDatas and InsideView for your email list needs? Here's a detailed comparison of the two providers to help you make an informed decision.

    InsideView Database Review

    The InsideView database is user-friendly and customizable, with an easy search tool that provides relevant information for finding the right company. It offers access to financials, charts, company size, and recent news.

    The platform also allows users to create lists based on industry and location, and provides LinkedIn profiles for easy access. While most of the data provided is accurate, contact details may be occasionally incorrect, and there is limited information available for international companies.

    The platform may experience occasional shutdowns and minor glitches, and some services are not free.

    Why Choose as an Alternative?

    EmailDatas provides accurate data since their database is always updated. EmailDatas specializes in B2B email list building. offers more affordable services compared to others. After buying your lists, they are completely yours. Their lists only include direct contacts, so you can start networking as soon as possible. EmailDatas is 20 times lower in cost than InsideView. can be an efficient alternative to expand your business. It not only provides you with the accurate data you need but also helps you save your resources.