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    Is EmailDatas a Good Alternative to ExactData?

    This review compares EmailDatas and ExactData to determine if EmailDatas is a good alternative to ExactData for businesses looking for efficient and affordable lead generation services.

    What is ExactData?

    ExactData, founded in 2001 under several names, settled on its current name in 2013. The company is currently headed by CEO Lawrence Organ and operates a database platform with 210 million listings.

    ExactData's services include business mailing, modeling, deployment, and consultation.

    So what is the best alternative to ExactData? is a great option, offering a B2B email list that provides an accurate and easy searching experience. EmailDatas' lists include job details, industry, location, revenue, and more. Why choose EmailDatas to expand your business?

    • EmailDatas provide complete lists. The data comes with zip codes, NAICS/SIC codes, and other business categories. Acquiring this information can lead your business to success.

    • ExactData pricing is 20 times higher than EmailDatas. Using EmailDatas will help you save money and use your resources for other business processes. This will give you a bigger chance of a higher return on investment.

    • The services are more affordable compared to other B2B email services. But while the prices are cheaper, the database quality is comparable if not superior to other service providers’.

    • EmailDatas only provide real information from real people. We provide direct contact with your prospects because we do not want to waste your time.

    • Our databases are accurate. Tracked and operated by the human workforce, we only provide the correct results. We also opt for quality delivery after purchasing your lists.

    • Clients are free to use the database to their heart’s content. Once you buy our list, it is yours and you’re free to do what you want with the information.

    EmailDatas can be a cost-effective and accurate alternative to ExactData. It not only provides the required data but also offers the necessary protection for your business.