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    EmailDatas vs Experian: Which is the Better Email List Provider?

    Are you trying to decide between EmailDatas and Experian for your email list needs? Read our comparison review to help you make an informed decision.

    What Is EmailDatas?

    EmailDatas is an email list provider offering thousands of emails, phone numbers, and other contact information in over 68 countries. Its email lists are categorized by industry, making it easy for you to select the specific niche that matches your target market.

    What is Experian?

    Compared to EmailDatas, Experian focuses more on security. Their main tagline is to protect your identity from any form of theft. With a monthly subscription, they can help you secure your online identity while also improving your credit score.

    10 Reasons Why EmailDatas Is Better

    Although they offer slightly different services, business owners might interchange the two with their similar objective: to make sure that your website will keep thriving.

    Confused which service would be better for your business? Here are 10 reasons why EmailDatas is better than Experian:

      EmailDatas is more budget-friendly:

      Compared to Experian pricing, EmailDatas is more affordable with an even better database. Compared to Experian’s monthly limited subscription, you can get unlimited access to local and international email lists with just a few hundred dollars. No commitments, no monthly payment reminders – wouldn’t you want a stress-free service like ours?

      EmailDatas provides more accurate results:

      With today’s inevitable rise of bots and generic emails, finding verified leads can be rare. This is where EmailDatas stands out. With its user-friendly interface, finding email lists to suit your needs is just a few clicks away.

      EmailDatas connects your business to real people:

      One of the most common things that stop businesses from resorting to email-selling websites is the fear of generic or spam accounts. With Experian leads, you’re not fully sure whether you’re sending content to real and verified people.

      On the other hand, this isn’t the case for EmailDatas. With EmailDatas, you’re assured that we will only provide you with direct contacts from real people all over the world. Gone are the days of communicating with generic contacts like contact@ and sales@.

      EmailDatas has every contact information possible:

      If you’re thinking that EmailDatas only provides email lists, well you got it wrong! Compared to Experian mailing lists, our email lists come with every contact’s name, phone number, mailing address, and work information. Think of it as an online phonebook, but with regularly updated info. Worry not; all information have the full consent of their owners!

      EmailDatas has a higher inbox delivery rate:

      Did you know that EmailDatas has an inbox delivery rate of 90%? This assures you that your promotional content will be seen and read by thousands of recipients. Who knows, these email recipients might be your future customers. Don’t keep yourself wondering and see for yourself!

      EmailDatas has everything organized:

      Compared to the Experian database, you can easily find your target niche with EmailDatas. Our unique set of email lists are organized per industry, job title, location, and any category you could imagine!

      EmailDatas has more job listings at lower prices:

      Want to communicate with a specific group of professionals? We have it all laid out for you! With EmailDatas, you can simply scroll through more than 200 job listings and pick whichever you need.

      EmailDatas has enough room for customization:

      With our email lists intricately organized, personalizing your desired services based on your business’ target market will be a breeze.

      EmailDatas produces higher ROIs:

      Aside from less financial burden, our services also promise higher return-on-investment (ROI) compared to our Experian counterparts. With a higher ROI, this means that your business gains more profit. Since more profit means more money to spend on upgrades, your business will thrive more than ever.