What Is DatabaseUSA ?

DatabaseUSA is one of the leading sources of business and consumer information. The company has been in business for seven years now. They provide yellow page data to business owners who are working to improve their sales.

Their database is double verified. This helps ensure accurate results. Currently, they operate with one of the most advanced database technology available. The company took a step further to provide modern features at a lower price.

They help their clients find prospective customers and build better relationships. What can they offer to grow your sales and business?

  • 22 million business executives by title
  • 15 million business contacts
  • 245 million consumer leads
  • 150 million lists of homeowners

Their leads are searchable using various filters including location, age, income, lifestyle, and more. They offer a money-back guarantee for clients who are not satisfied with the product they get.

DatabaseUSA Reviews

Most of the time, they meet clients’ expectations in terms of accuracy. Their database is also easy to navigate, and they provide excellent customer service.

Yet, sometimes, their refund policy does not work. Also, some orders were not completed or were undelivered.

The free 500 leads they offer can be partly useless. More than half of it does not have company names, or are not within the target market.

Why Choose EmailDatas.com Instead?

•EmailDatas only offers premium contacts. We provide direct contacts of the company or person, so, you can start networking as soon as possible.

•Aside from being one of the most affordable services in the industry, we also deliver on time. We value our client’s time, so expect to get at least a 90% delivery rate.

•We are more accurate than DatabaseUSA. We make sure that our database is always updated.

•EmailDatas charges 20 times lower than DatabaseUSA. This can help you save money, which gives a higher return on investment.

EmailDatas can be a good alternative to DatabaseUSA. It does not only give you accurate results, but also great value your money.