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Why get US business databases?


Building leads and qualified prospects is an integral part of online marketing. It is one of the ways you should consider to grow your business. One of the ways to do that is via a USA email list.

The United States is a huge country and there is always room for new business opportunities. The problem is the demographic in our beloved country is so widespread that it will be quite a challenge to reach very people who are key to your business expansion efforts. And that is why marketers purchase email lists for marketing.


What We Offer


Here at Email Datas we provide you access to 14 million US B2B email list. You can take advantage of effective marketing via our targeted business to business database. We are a trusted provider and we are here to help you get your message across to a targeted audience via a verified list of businesses in the USA.


Why should you chose our company than other data providers?


  • Up to 90 % inbox delivery rate. All email lists are 2018 updated, fresh & verified. Our Email list is verified monthly automatic process to maintain accuracy of emails .
  • We are providing only direct email  of real contact person . You don’t need to worry about contacting generic (such as contact@ ,sales@ )
  • Every contact lists are included company, contact name, direct email, title, direct phone number and many more data fields.
  • Our B2B list price is affordable and cheaper than compare to other providers even our database quality is better than them. Therefore you don’t need to spend thousand dollar while you can buy our verified database at cost effective rate.
  • Unlimited Usage Right .You can enjoy instant ownership of our data and lists upon purchase.
  • Free sample email list available .You can download sample from this page.
  • Database is delivered within 12 hours once payment is approved.
  • Free Sample email list available.


Database Fields :-
  • Full Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Street Address


  • State
  • Postal Code
  • Phone Number
  • Web Address
  • Number of Employees
  • Company Revenue

Dentist Email list

Download Free USA Sample Email List


Delivery Rate up to 90% 

When you make a mailing list purchase, it is expected that you’ll need up to 90% delivery rate. Anything less would mean that there will be too many bad email addresses in the mass mailing list mixed in with the good that will result in emails diverted to the spam box. It’s either that or the mail servers just block your email blasts.


A List That Covers an Entire Continent


Our list of email addresses of businesses on American soil is truly massive. It includes a mailing list plus a business contact list. However, we also understand that some customers would just like to go local. That is why we also offer customers a list of company email addresses by state, industry, job title, and local area. We also provide our customers a free email list builder so they can customize their orders according to their needs.


Comprehensive and Accurate


We have consolidated every bit of information in our email marketing database. We know how it feels to waste time and resources chasing after inaccurate sales leads. You may be looking for influencers and key industry people in the wrong state.

We have actual human eyes tracking the information in our email business list to ensure its accuracy. On top of that we have consolidated the contact information that can be associated with each email that we have in our database.


Instant Access to Your Data


Every Email Datas customer is provided instant access to the data that they purchased. Let’s say you want to create a new business database. You can search our nationwide database using different filters. You can even create your very own direct mail mailing list. Of course you can also narrow down your search using other filters as well.

The process only takes a few minutes. After that you can instantly download the list that you have created. Your list will be in .csv format, which is a file format that you can use immediately. You can integrate that file into pretty much every CRM application right after you buy business data. Simply put, you can use the data you purchased right away.


Create Valuable Connections


When you buy B2B email lists for sale we make sure that you get every bit of key information to create valuable connections with potential leads. You’re not just getting another email list. The data you purchase will also include employee information, revenue, their business fax numbers, industry information, company information, business titles, phone numbers, and even their postal address.


Usage Rights


As a customer in Email Datas we provide you with unlimited usage rights. Once you purchase a sale email list it is completely yours. And that is important in business email marketing. You should never get any restrictions when it comes to your b2b databases. You should never have to pay extra to get access to information or related data that you already ordered in your previous purchase.




Is the turnout of responses still too low? Here’s what we can do for you. We will give you an extra list of business email addresses free.


Verifying Your Data


It is important for you to be able to verify the data. How are you supposed to know if the business email addresses list that you purchased is truly authentic? Here are a few things that we have included in our service to help you with that:

  1. We have included the full names of every contact
  2. On top of that we have also included the contact’s direct mail address.
  3. You can request a demographic profile of the email list that you purchased.

The full name + direct mail address are keys so that no one can sell you any email. You can immediately verify if the contact is within your target market.