Job Levels

This category is included C-Level ,VP level,Director level ,Manager level and staff level . you to look for your targeted market. Knowing this, you can also strategize on what approach would be fitting for each level type.

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Job Titles

Our email lists are sorted for your needs. Find lists containing the most useful information on the people you want to reach. You can buy lists per job title and connect with those in the relevant industry, or those in the position to be calling the shots.

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you can connect with those in a specific industry. Get in touch with contacts in industries such as hospitality, construction, marketing, or any other industry that you need to connect to. Buying an industry-specific mailing list ensures a premium, targeted sales lead. Get one now!

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US States

There are countless executives and professionals per state just waiting to be contacted by you. Our comprehensive database of email contacts are also available per state, with 95% guaranteed email leads that will most definitely up your

business returns.

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Job Cities

You can forecast clients’ activities by focusing on a targeted community. This can help you recognize the areas your services can be of use, or those cities you do not have jurisdiction of yet. This category allows you to make use of your data for further expansion of your business.

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By Zip Codes

You can get a list according to zip codes and radius of the area,With zip code information, you can provide services or products to businesses without overstepping someone else’s territory.Contact Us to build a List by Zip Codes

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Ready Made Lists – Marketing Tools on the Go

Why use pre-made lists? When you buy email mailing lists that are ready made you have just made the process of list building a lot faster. You don’t need to spend time researching and creating an email list from scratch even if you were using an email list builder.

These ready-made contact lists for sale contain contacts across different industries. These lists have been verified and are certified accurate. You can buy contact lists by job title, industry, job level, state, and zip code.


  • Job Title

Download b2b lead lists that are basically organized according to job titles. You can build your connections according to the lead’s specific industry knowledge. You can select rank and file job titles to key decision makers in different industries.


  • Industry

Choose data leads lists by industry. These lists target people per industry. These lists can be used reach out and connect to everyone from top movers to pretty much everyone else up and down the corporate ladder. Imagine making connections not only with the people in leading companies – you also tap their competitors.


  • Job Level

You can also build a mailing list by job level. You can plan your marketing efforts according to your specific market segmentation. Some of your products and services can be customized for rank and file employees or you can take things up a notch and market directly to major decision makers.

That is a way to skip the run around that you sometimes get when you get redirected from one department to the other. Skip all the hoops and reach out to the managers that influence the decisions for entire departments. You can even customize your marketing strategy to target CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other top level executives.


  • By US State

There will come a time when you need to market your products and services by state. The rules vary and industry attitude can vary from state to state. Sometimes you may have to vary your offers to fit the stipulations of local regulations. Get a US business list database for each state so you can tweak your offers as needed and customize them according to the needs of your target audience.


  • By Zip Code

Sometimes the best way to market your business is simply to go local. We understand that some of our clients would prefer to reach out to a local market. You can reach out to small and medium enterprises that have built a relationship of trust with their target market using pre-made and specifically targeted email list


Why should you chose our company than other data providers?


  • More than 70-85 % inbox delivery rate. All email lists are up to date, fresh & verified. Our Email list is verified monthly with automatic process to maintain accuracy of emails .
  • We are providing only direct email  of real contact person . You don’t need to worry about contacting generic (such as contact@ ,sales@ )
  • Every contact lists are included company, contact name, direct email, title, direct phone number and many more data fields.
  • Our B2B list price is affordable and cheaper than compare to other providers even our database quality is better than them. Therefore you don’t need to spend thousand dollar while you can buy our verified database at cost effective rate.
  • Unlimited Usage Right .You can enjoy instant ownership of our data and lists upon purchase.
  • Free sample email list available .You can download sample from this page.
  • Database is delivered within 24-48 hours once payment is approved.

Why Build an Email List?

Building an email list equips you with several advantages. When you buy a business mailing list you can be sure to get a high conversion rate. On top of that, as you continue to build up your list you can pitch in additional products thus you continue to monetize. This is one of the secrets of ecommerce giants such as eBay and Amazon. Taking advantage of a USA business database will bring you those benefits.

Do you know that there are a lot of successful businesses that build their database for email marketing first even before they have perfected their product offerings? Why did they do that?

Here’s the reason why – when you buy a real email addresses list, you are already generating 80 to 90 percent of landing page traffic. ***

Level of Professional Experience

Email Datas is composed of men and women, professionals and executives who have had extensive experience in the list industry for many years. As a company we understand the needs of our clients. Take advantage of our industry experience and give your internet marketing efforts a boost. We even offer you email marketing lists free as samples so you can try out what we have to offer.


What You Want to Avoid

We have heard the story plenty of times. A marketer buys email leads only to find out that 48 to 50 percent of that list is bad. It can be that a huge percentage of the names on the list aren’t within his target market. It can also be that a huge percentage of the total American business lists is already banned by AOL, Gmail, or some other email ISP.

Needless to say, whenever unscrupulous marketing list brokers cheat their customers, we are hurting too. Our reputation gets tainted to some degree because people tend to doubt even the legit email list companies.

That is why we have taken every measure (that includes time and manpower) there is to ensure that the US business database that we sell is 95+ percent deliverable. We are an email list company that is in the business of providing you marketing solutions that work.

Make Your Orders According to Your Needs

We have data lists for sale that can be customized according to your needs. You can use our email list builders after signing up for an account. You can use this powerful tool to select emails by category and you can also set up filters to narrow down the search to make things really specific.

To ensure the viability of the list that you purchase, we also include a direct mail address list. You can even check out the information by using our direct mail database.

Sometimes you need to select a particular demographic when you market your products or services. That is why our customers can also purchase mailing list by demographics. Just make sure to include that option when you make your email list purchase.

When you buy b2b email lists you have made the first step to creating relevant and valuable content. Buy opt in email list and you can use the responses to your offers to gauge who your audience is. Knowing your leads and current customers is the first step to keeping them happy. Hopefully you can use the strength of your connection to them to drive sales.

Contact us today to find out more. We can even offer to rent an email list to you to help reduce costs.