2018 Updated Nurse Email List


Title: Nurse
B2B Email Addresses :  131,000
B2B Phone Number: 131,000
File Type: CSV / XLS
Source : B2B Directories such as Linkedin, zoom info ,data dot com and hoovers .

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Last Updated Date : January 15, 2019


Does your business require you to network with nurses? We can provide you a list of registered nurses that you can use to sell your product or service or even help you get started connecting with other professionals in the medical field. Our list of nurses is guaranteed to be fresh and reliable, which means that you get a nurses mailing list and email list that guarantees to work all the time.

At Email Datas, our registered nurse database will help you get connected with more than 130,000 nurses in the US. Our nurse email database includes important information, not just the registered nurse mailing lists and email addresses but as well as the name, company name and position of every nurse on the list. These details will help you communicate with a more personal touch to these professionals and later help you get positive responses.

Our nurse practitioner email list, mailing list and phone number list are also verified and updated to assure you to not only get to a real person but to increase your chances of getting a response. Both our email and phone number lists are guaranteed to provide you up to 95 percent delivery rate. Our nurse email list can also be categorized per state or city for your convenience.

When you purchase our nurse practitioner specialties list, you can access the list of registered nurses with all the important details right away. You get full ownership of the list and you can use it how you like it. You can get ready for the number of good business relationships you can establish with the names and contact details listed in our comprehensive US registered nurse database.

If you need to see it for yourself, you can download a sample of our registered nurse database and check the reliability of the email addresses, phone numbers and mailing addresses of the nurses listed here.


Database Fields :-

  1. Company Name
  2. Contact First Name
  3. Contact Last Name
  4. Contact Email Address
  5. Contact Phone Number
  6. Contact Title
  7. Street Address
  8. Postal Code
  9. City
  10. State
  11. Country

All Database format is similar as bellow screenshot and Please download Database sample for furthermore review.


Nurse email list

Download Nurse Free Sample List


Why should you chose our company than other data providers?


  • More than 70-85 % inbox delivery rate. All email lists are up to date, fresh & verified. Our Email list is verified monthly with automatic process to maintain accuracy of emails .
  • We are providing only direct email  of real contact person . You don’t need to worry about contacting generic (such as contact@ ,sales@ )
  • Every contact lists are included company, contact name, direct email, title, direct phone number and many more data fields.
  • Our B2B list price is affordable and cheaper than compare to other providers even our database quality is better than them. Therefore you don’t need to spend thousand dollar while you can buy our verified database at cost effective rate.
  • Unlimited Usage Right .You can enjoy instant ownership of our data and lists upon purchase.
  • Free sample email list available .You can download sample from this page.
  • Database is delivered within 24-48 hours once payment is approved.



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