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Industry : Manufacturing 

Direct  Email Addresses :  1.05 Million Contacts
Direct Phone Numbers : 1.05 Million Contacts
Last Updated : 29 June 2017
File Type: CSV / XLS
Delivery Date : Within 5 days After Order 
Source : B2B Directories such as Linkedin, zoom info ,data dot com and hoovers .


Last Updated Date : January 15, 2019

Market Aggressively with Your Manufacturing Email List


Do you have a manufacturing email list?


If you want to sell your product to manufacturing companies across the country, you will be able to do so much more quickly and efficiently if you have an extensive list of manufacturing companies in USA.

Research indicates that if you want to achieve impressive growth for your company, you should consider email as a means of marketing your business.

Database Fields :-

  1. Industry
  2. Company Name
  3. Contact First Name
  4. Contact Last Name
  5. Direct Email Address
  6. Direct Phone Number
  7. Contact Title
  8. Street Address
  9. Postal Code
  10. City
  11. State
  12. Country

All Database format is similar as bellow screenshot and Please download Database sample for furthermore review.


Manufacturing email list

Download Free Manufacturing Sample List


Email marketing is likely to outperform most marketing channels. It enables you to reach a wider base. It helps you deliver a strong, more succinct message so people can easily recognize and appreciate your brand. It has a higher conversion rate than most platforms. It also delivers a higher ROI over a shorter period of time.

If you have the names of US manufacturing companies, you can effectively exploit it to pitch your brand and generate sales. You can even use it to sell multiple products.

A manufacturing company lists helps you maximize your marketing campaign efforts in order to target a wide base of companies with high potential for conversion. You have all the information you need about the company you’re eyeing – its complete address (including state, county, city, and Zip Code), its product(s), annual sales, as well as its SIC and NAICS Codes. You also have pertinent data about who among the managers within a given company would fit best to pitch your product or service to. If you have all these information generated from a listing of manufacturing companies at the tip of your fingertips, you increase your chances of boosting your sales.

Having a list of American manufacturing companies is a definite asset. It is a critical means for figuring out which companies are likely to show a higher conversion rate. Sending emails to targeted USA manufacturing companies provides you a scalable means when building effective relationships with clients and promote sales.

Marketing experts continue to consider email marketing as one of the leading most effective programs for generating impressive ROI.


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